A closer look: how does the operator of a cryptocurrency exchange office and a cryptocurrency wallet operate in Lithuania?


Recently, the words “cryptocurrency”, “cryptocurrency products” and “cryptocurrency wallet” have been used frequently in the public. Many people question how to create a cryptocurrency wallet and which legal entities authorized in the Republic of Lithuania provide the services of a cryptocurrency exchange office and a cryptocurrency wallet operator.

“Cabital”, which started operating in Lithuania and is registered both as a cryptocurrency exchange office and as a cryptocurrency wallet operator, offers a wide range of cryptocurrency products and services. Raymond Hsu, “Cabital” CEO & Co-Founder, talks more about the company’s activities, registration in Lithuania and the partners who helped to implement all this.

How did you choose a partner to help you start your business in Lithuania?

We were assisted by “Noewe”, a professional service provider we have chosen for our reputation and experience in advising fintech and other cryptocurrency businesses. “Noewe” employees, who are well versed in this field, can provide professional and high-quality consultations covering all aspects of the business we want to start in Lithuania (financial crime, taxes, labor law, etc.).

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