Business Breakfast @ D9 Artsy Office on Sustainability – How to Stay on Track in 2025?


An exclusive event was held at the “D9 Artsy Office,” where Noewe guests gathered for a “Business Breakfast on Sustainability – How to Stay on Track in 2025?” The event was filled with inspiring presentations, relevant questions and discussions, and pleasant interactions.

Ernesta Žiogienė, lawyer and partner of the NOEWE group, head of the ESG, real estate, and construction law practice groups, opened the event with insights on the importance of sustainability in today’s business world.

During the meeting:

– Inga Karaliūnaitė, sustainability and environmental project manager at NOEWE, presented sustainability requirements and provided recommendations on where to start today.

– Romena Devyžė, head of sustainable operations at #VILVI GROUP, discussed practical aspects, risks, and opportunities of integrating sustainability into business.

– Živilė Ramoškienė, #RecyClass auditor at #ECOGRANT, introduced new requirements for plastic packaging in the context of circularity.

After the presentations, guests participated in a tour of the “D9 Artsy Office” office-gallery, where they heard stories not only about art and history but also about their connection to sustainability.

It was a great opportunity to celebrate World Environment Day in an artistic environment and to directly communicate and share experiences with each other.

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