Noewe Foundation Discussed Sustainability With Students From The ISM University of Management and Economics

Together with the master's students of the Business Development and Sustainability module group of ISM University of Management and Economics managers, colleagues and Noewe Foundation we went into a conversation about sustainability. 

Justinas Klimašauskas, Noewe group Board Member, Director of Corporate Management and Administration Services, presented the activities of NOEWE and the history of the group itself.

Inga Karaliūnaitė, an expert in this field, shared the knowledge of sustainability and what place it occupies in the activities of the #NOEWE group.

The culmination of the meeting was a tribute to the field of social sustainability: the presentation of the Noewe Foundation's contemporary art collection and a tour of the office-gallery D9 Artsy Office led by Giedrė Marčiulaitė.

Idea of the event by Agnė Putrimienė.


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