Client Success Secured by NOEWE LEGAL Dispute Resolution Team


Nukas, UAB is the official and sole representative in Lithuania of HiPP, a company that produces the highest quality products for babies. While transporting HiPP products to the premises of Nukas, UAB, the transporting company’s vehicle was involved in a traffic accident, which resulted in a partial loss and damage to the client‘s cargo.

Noewe Legal dispute resolution team‘s attorney-at-law Jonas Platelis and assistant attorney-at-law Emilija Žitkauskaitė ensured the protection of interests of the client Nukas, UAB in a case for compensation of damages under the provisions of the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR).

The Dispute resolution team has represented the client in Court of First Instance and in the Court of Appeal of Lithuania and proved that part of the customer’s cargo was lost and that the accident, as well as the failure to ensure the required temperature regime, resulted in the damage to the cargo, which prevented the customer from being able to properly dispose of the goods. Following an appeal, the Court of Appeal of Lithuania awarded Nukas, UAB the sum of over EUR 60 000.

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