Compliance Academy: how to stay smart in the regulatory jungle


In today’s Verslo žinios article, read about the “Noewe” Compliance Academy, which will resume in September and which is a continuous cycle that participants have already attended in 2020. This is one of the few opportunities in Lithuania to gain knowledge and share practical experience in the field of compliance. This year, the training will continue both the previous topics and the transition to regulatory innovations in areas such as sustainability and taxonomy, prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, and compliance with the competition law.

In the article, Gediminas Laucius, Legal & Tax Services Partner at “Noewe”, and Rita Tamulytė, Compliance Services Manager at “Noewe”, are naming all the topics that will be addressed in the Compliance Academy. Dalia Katinaitė, Risk Management & Sustainability Services Manager at “Noewe”, shares her insights on the compliance and sustainability, which is becoming an increasingly important topic for companies lately.

You can register for the “Noewe” Compliance Academy now here.

Full review in Lithuanian in Verslo žinios.

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