“Euromoney”: “Noewe Group” is the best service provider for international clients in Lithuania


In the annual Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey conducted by the international capital and financial markets magazine “Euromoney” the “Noewe Group” was recognized as the best service provider for international clients in Lithuania in 2019. In addition to this assessment, the “Noewe Group” was ranked second in two other categories – Serving Business Owners and Philanthropic Advice. The “Euromoney Award” presented by the magazine, which is read by more than 100 countries worldwide, is one of the most respected in the financial sector.

“The quality of our services is a measure of professionalism and there is probably nothing more significant in our field. Competitors and market experts are involved in the “Euromoney” survey, so there is no doubt that the results are objective. Equally important to us is the group’s ranking in the Nordic and Baltics region, where we rank seventh among major family office providers such as UBS, JP Morgan, Danske Bank, Nordea and SEB,” says the Chairman of the “Noewe Group” Vilius Kavaliauskas.

Every year “Euromoney” magazine conducts a market survey to measure indicators such as customer growth, services offered, customer and competitor feedback, assets under management, and personal data security. The survey methodology is based on peer review of firms in a particular sector, where firms are rated by their direct competitors. The companies themselves or their subsidiaries cannot judge themselves. This year “Euromoney” surveyed 2,332 market players and experts.

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