In the Spotlight of the TV3 Show: Noewe Legal Managing Partner (for Foreign Markets), LGSPA Board Member, Combat Shooter Robert Juodka

Board Member of Lithuanian Defence and Security Industry Association and combat Riflemen at Lithuanian Riflemen's Union Robert Juodka is in the studio of the TV3 show “Dėmesio centre“ (In the Center of Attention).

In the discussion about increasing taxes for Lithuanian security and defense financing: the President's chief advisor Kęstutis Budrys, the chairman of the Seimas National Security and Defense Committee Laurynas Kasčiūnas, the commander of the Lithuanian Riflemen's Union Linas Idzelis and the military instructor Andrej Šildiajev.

Attorney at Law Robert Juodka emphasizes that the priority is strengthening the defense: "The main obstacle today is bureaucratic regulation. There are a number of legal regulations that are relevant in an ideal case of peace. However, we have been living in a different reality for two years now."

Watch the entire record ->,live-2831094/demesio-centre-su-e-jakilaiciu,programme-6824709

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