Inga Karaliūnaitė: certified ESG Business Advisor


Inga Karaliūnaitė, “Noewe” Sustainability and Environmental Expert, was certified as International Sustainable Business Advisor Professional by International Association for Sustainable Economy (IASE), London, UK.

Inga is certified for the second year now and is part of the ESG professional community at International Association for Sustainable Economy IASE, that first of all means compliance with 4E – Exams, Ethics, Education and Experience.

The importance of ESG

By IASE – International Association for Sustainable Economy – best practices for maintaining the environment, society and governance.

Although sustainability is not a new concept in society, the climate emergency and Covid-19 have brought to light the critical interdependence of society’s different elements,as already pointed out by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In this context, educating the population, certifying standards, analysing methodologies and promoting best practices regarding the environmental, social, and governance impacts has proven to be a critical path to take to maintain a healthy life on the planet.

Achieving these goals requires a transformation in the management paradigm and professional training, which have reached an increasing level of awareness. ESG criteria play a priority role in developing these strategies – hence the importance of rigorous, internationally recognised professional certifications.

Sustainability and Environmental Services

By “Noewe”

We conduct operational audits of organisations, create the internal audit function, identify opportunities to obtain EU aid and help handle issues related to EU investments. We help organisations to manage and mitigate risks and become sustainable and environmentally friendly. We provide a wide range of services: we conduct sustainability and environmental audits of organisations, prepare sustainability and environmental strategies and reports, help manage a sustainable supply chain, and find ways to attract the green investments your operations require.

We advise the private and public sectors on asset acquisition, expansion and construction planning as well as on seeking for financing and addressing sustainability, climate change, energy efficiency, air and wastewater pollution, waste management and other environmental issues.


Today every leader and entrepreneur faces the challenge of developing products, services and business models that harmonise economic growth potential and small environmental impact.

Everyone is demanding that of the private sector: from society at large to international NGOs.

We can help put your organisation on a sustainable path by assessing the sustainability impact of activities, developing a strategy, and together achieving the goals that are set. We help with supply chain management, mapping suppliers to identify any “hot spots” and their impact on your business and preparing a strategy to manage such business risks.

With a new EU funding period approaching, we are ready to help your business obtain financing for sustainable investments: by identifying opportunities and preparing a sustainable business plan or adapting an existing business model for sustainable investments.

Environmental Services

In the modern economy, environmental protection plays a vital role in preserving natural resources for future generations. Adequate environmental know-how is important for meeting increasingly stringent environmental requirements, avoiding restrictions on operations and penalties, minimising any negative environmental impact and related environmental risks, improving one’s image, and obtaining financial benefits.

We are ready to help implement an environmental management system, develop an environmental policy and strategy, and advise on its performance and improvement. We will also help define environmental targets and identify key performance indicators (KPIs).

Our experts, as independent and objective assessors, will perform an environmental audit of your company to give you an independent view of compliance with applicable legal requirements and the environmental impact of your activities, in order to identify in a timely way not only existing but also potential risks that could adversely affect current activities and their development. We will provide recommendations and an action plan for ensuring the necessary compliance with minimum time and financial costs.

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