International Road Haulage – the Shipper’s Homework to Seek Full Compensation in a Dispute


It is often not known to businesses that use logistics services, i.e. shippers who have had no previous disputes over damage, loss or delay in delivery, that the civil liability of the carrier is limited by the provisions of the Convention on the International Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR). This means that if the carrier damages or loses all or part of the cargo, which is expensive but weighs relatively little, the damage suffered by the shipper may not be fully reimbursed without additional steps being taken to reach agreement with the carrier.

Emilija Žitkauskaitė, Associate at NOEWE Dispute Resolution Group talks in more detail about compensation, determining the higher and additional value of cargo.

Whole article in Lithuanian languages can be found here.

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