Investors Festival “Mano Pinigai”


NOEWE Managing Partner (International Business) Robert Juodka joined the speakers of Investors festival “Mano pinigai” (“My money”).

This conference is organized by “Lukas investuoja” (“Lukas invests”) – the most popular column of the Lithuanian news portal “Verslo žinios”. It will invite investors to share their personal stories, tactics and decisions about investment.

We invite you to join discussions on 17-18 July. You will hear about:

  • how to create an optimal investment portfolio? TOP 3 ideas from different investors
  • the most promising stocks in the Baltic countries today
  • investing in real estate: is the old housing the “new black” investment?
  • main investment “sins” and how to avoid them

More information and registration here.

Photo credit: Verslo žinios

Date: 17 June, 2022

Location: Viešbutis „Margis“

Organizer/speaker: Robert Juodka

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