Notification of Possible Violations

The goal of NOEWE is to establish and develop responsible and trust-based partnerships with customers, partners, colleagues and communities, as well as to create long-term added value and to help ensure a successful and sustainable business, while bringing added value to the shareholders, employees and the rest of society. In order to maintain the highest standards of operational ethics, transparency and integrity in its activities, NOEWE does not tolerate violations both among employees within the group of companies and in relations with customers and partners.

NOEWE group or “we” shall mean international group of companies composed from such companies as:

Noewe UAB, legal entity code 302299013, UAB “Strategy Labs”, legal entity code 302753074, “Noewe Holdings”, UAB, legal entity code 305168421, “Noewe Foundation”, VšĮ, legal entity code 302969378, Nordgain, UAB, legal entity code 301539808, Noewe Cyprus LTD, legal entity code HE 391334.

If you suspect that a criminal activity or other misconduct, which is contrary to legal acts and public order, may have been committed in the group of companies or if you have information about inappropriate and unethical behavior of employees of NOEWE and other related persons, please inform us about such violations in the ways indicated below.

Options for providing information about violations

  • By e-mail:, and for employees – also possible using the form on the intranet;
  • Upon arrival at the NOEWE office during business hours, to any of the Responsible Persons personally.

Responsible Persons are NOEWE employees in the positions of CFO & Business Support Services Director, Head of People Services and Head of Legal Services, who administer the whistleblower channel, review and evaluate the information received through it, ensuring the confidentiality of the individual and the information provided.

If you intend to provide information about actions that may violate the public interest, we recommend that you submit a notification of the violation by filling out the notification of violation form, which can be found in the Government of the Republic of Lithuania resolution No. 1133, dated 14 November, 2018, “On the Implementation of the Whistleblower Protection Law of the Republic of Lithuania” or by submitting a free form report.

We comply with the requirements of legal acts and always strive to effectively investigate and clarify the information provided to us, therefore we ensure complete confidentiality and that the person who reported the abovementioned violations will not be discriminated against and will not suffer any negative impact as a result of submitting such a report.

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