Lukas Kisielis, Associate Partner @Noewe, shares his insights on bank accounts abroad in Delfi’s Business


Have you ever considered opening a foreign bank account? Although more and more Lithuanians are interested in this option for geopolitical reasons and more favourable conditions, it is not easy or cheap. The most popular countries where Lithuanians keep their money are the UK, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Norway and Germany. However, strict anti-money laundering rules often make this difficult.

The number of people interested in opening a foreign bank account is growing, Noewe’s Associate Partner | Tax Planning and Asset Management Services Lukas Kisielis.

“We have recently received more enquiries from people who want to “We are looking for more requests from residents to open bank accounts abroad. Most of them say they would like to have a bank account in another country due to the geopolitical situation, in order to protect their accumulated capital”, – commented L. Kisielis.

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