Members of Crypto Economy Organisation


We are thrilled to announce that “Noewe” group has taken a major step forward by joining the Crypto Economy Organisation (CEO). Our commitment to shaping the regulatory framework and establishing Lithuania as a hub for innovative businesses has been a long-term goal, and this new membership solidifies our efforts.

Gediminas Laucius, “Noewe” Legal & Tax Services Partner, is representing our group in CEO: “With the membership, “Noewe” group is now in an even stronger position to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving WEB3 and crypto economy. Our primary focus will be to advocate for the interests of the crypto community and contribute to the general public interest through education, public events, and informed input into public policy decisions. We believe that this membership is an important milestone for “Noewe” group and we are eager to collaborate with the Crypto Economy Organisation. Together, we are poised to shape the future of the crypto economy and drive a positive change in the industry.”

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