Memo for JANGIS


JANGIS – a sub-system of the Information System of Legal Entities Participants (JADIS) was launched this year. All legal entities established in the Republic of Lithuania (except for legal entities whose sole the member is the state or a municipality) shall submit to this system the data on their ultimate beneficial owners (UBO).

Investment companies and investment funds will be able to submit data to JANGIS from July, 2022. Meanwhile, all legal entities should submit data on their beneficial owners to JANGIS before 1 August 1, 2022.

PRIMUS Partner Giedrė Dailidėnaitė and Senior Associate Greta Vozbutaitė introduce to the essential aspects of data submission.

Memo in Lithuanian and English can be found here.

P.S. It is recommended to consult your legal advisors before putting this into practice.

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