“D9 – Artsy Office” among exclusive objects at “Open House Vilnius” 2023 event


For the ninth time in a row, the open architecture weekend “Open House Vilnius” will be held in Vilnius, whose excursions are invited to visit on May 13-14.

This year, 60 unique buildings will open their doors. There shall be objects participating for the first time. Among the list of exceptional ones and our new location “D9 – Artsy Office”, which will invite visitors to experience the interior, where the office spaces intertwine with the gallery and complement each other. 

About the open architecture weekend idea: the common goal is to involve the public in talking about the quality of architecture and the environment, and to create a unique opportunity for people to understand and learn about buildings and spaces.

“Quality buildings and public spaces are inseparable from the creation and maintenance of vibrant cities. Open House is an opportunity for the general public to learn more, engage in dialogue, and critique architecture” – Victoria Thornton, Open House Worldwide, the Founder of the Open House concept.


D9 – Artsy Office” project curated by Noewe Foundation.
Interior project created by IMPLMNT Architects.

More in EN: lithuania.posts and Open House Vilnius.

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