Noewe’s new identity draws inspiration from artworks


Noewe, a provider of integrated business services, has renewed its visual identity and logo in order to better reflect the ambitions, complexity and innovation of the group of companies, which has grown over the last 10 years. This is why we chose the key phrase “Fresh Perspective” to reflect a different perspective.

“Whatever their field of expertise and competencies, our professionals always start from the same question: what opportunities remain unexplored? So, whether we are dealing with – business issues or wealth management, strategic or daily operations – we each start with a question for ourselves – where are the untapped opportunities? This is how we meet the challenges that arise. Our confidence in being able to accurately anticipate new opportunities is determined by our ability to always listen to customer needs and the desire to find the best solutions tailored to each situation,” says Vilius Kavaliauskas, Chairman and CEO of Noewe.

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