Particularly Complicated Legal Situation and Team Success


The client’s interests were protected in a particularly complex legal situation, which required a combination of deep litigation and real estate expertise.

Litigation expert Jonas Platelis and real estate expert Karolis Diska achieved a comprehensive settlement of the dispute between the parties, not only by resolving the litigation of other disputes of civil and criminal nature, but also by transferring the real estate assets.

The transfer of these assets required

  • reconciling the interests of the mortgage creditors and the creditors for whose benefit the property was seized,
  • finding the most optimal option for the client,
  • obtaining the consents of the mortgage and ordinary creditors, the bailiffs necessary to conclude the transaction,
  • and finally ensuring that the notarial transfer of the property took place.

Jonas Platelis and Karolis Diska complex legal efforts ensured all this and helped the client achieve the desired result.

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