This spring we have 27 colleagues who have been nominated for new roles!

Every promotion is a testament to the skills, knowledge, and expertise one brings to the team. We wish you all to continue to excel in your new roles. We have no doubt that you will continue to demonstrate the same level of commitment and professionalism that have brought you this far.

Finance and Accounting – NORDGAIN
Senior Account Manager Inga Čėsnienė
Process Manager AistėArmanavičiūtė
Project Lead Jurgita Malinauskaitė        

Senior Consultants

  • Lukas Nikonovas
  • Rugilė Jocienė
  • Gabrielė Riaubaitė   
  • Simona Medėkšaitė 
  • Laura  Jurgilevičiūtė  
  • Raminta Daunoravičienė                


  • Miglė Stadalnykaitė 
  • Eglė Stepučinskaitė 
  • Toma Kondratavičienė                   
  • Eglė Kelevišiūtė       
  • Milda Dvareckytė     

Junior Consultants

  • Vaiva Meškauskaitė 
  • Raminta Svirskienė  
  • Lijana Žilionytė        

Wealth Management: Giedrė Cicėnė Project Manager

Management Consulting: Augustas Blažys Consultant

Business Support Unit

  • Alvita Lenkutė           Senior People & Culture Generalist
  • Neringa Jankevičiūtė Senior Office Specialist
  • Lukas Čepatis         Senior Financial Analyst

Noewe Legal

  • Nedas Cibulskas Associate
  • Kristina Jungevičienė Senior Associate
  • Rokas Košuba Senior Tax Consultant
  • Vilma Raklevičienė Expert

NOEWE Group Partner Vytautas Vičius

Congratulations, you all well deserved it!

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