Marketing and Sales

Management Consulting

What are your customer needs behind your most important demand spaces? What are the market gaps where competitors are not that strong? What attributes should your brand emphasize to capture this demand better than competitors?

Which sales channels are the most important for your business and what commercial structure incentivizes them best? How to optimize your pricing in each channel for maximum revenue?

Branding and consumer-centric growth

  • We help clients better understand the sources of their customer demand and build brands with the right emotional, functional, and technical attributes to capture and nurture that demand. Read more about how we helped our client to reshape their brand’s strategy.


Product and category strategy

  • We help clients optimize their product portfolios by rigorously assessing their potential and the profitability of individual product groups.


Pricing and revenue management

  • We identify opportunities to grow revenues through price optimization, based on a nuanced understanding of consumer price elasticity and sales channel economics.


Sales and channel effectiveness

  • We help companies better understand their channels in terms of both growth and profitability, prioritize them into an optimal channel portfolio, and design commercial structures to incentivize partners for profitable growth.
    Customer experience and service management
    We work with clients to prioritize customer touchpoints, measure gaps and uncover the actions to drive customer experience.
    Return on marketing investment
    We help improve the effectiveness of marketing spend by deploying tools to understand the relative effectiveness of marketing channels and prioritize marketing budget allocation for maximum return.
Management Consulting

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