Mergers and Acquisitions

Management Consulting

What growth opportunities exist outside of your core business? How to capture the value through consolidation in the industry? What is your cost of capital?

How to optimize your capital structure? How to properly integrate two organizations after the merger?

Total Shareholder Return

  • We help shareholders define their financial requirements for their businesses based on market benchmarks, understand drivers of return and inform capital allocation between business units for maximum total shareholder return.


Commercial Due Diligence

  • We offer to buy- and sell-side clients an independent assessment of the target’s strategy, a review of its products, markets, competitors, and customers and the viability of its strategic plan in revenue, EBITDA, and valuation terms.


Mergers and Acquisitions Deal Process

  • We help both sell-side and buy-side M&A clients with the end-to-end acquisition process from the preparation of an Information Memorandum to valuations, data-room management and the bid process.


Valuation and financial modelling

  • We help clients understand the ROI of complex financial investments, whether it is acquiring a business or making a major capital expenditure.


Post-merger management & integration

  • We help clients prepare a post-merger integration and value creation plan and rigorously manage the integration process to ensure they capture the planned synergies in full and mitigate major risks.


Management Consulting

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