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The aim of our legal and tax related assistance is to establish compatibility between your business interests and your personal interests. Our experience in undertaking complex solutions is a real game changer in this market.

Tailored solutions

No two situations are the same, so our solutions are tailored based on their application – company or physical asset manager. Having studied your situation, we will propose the most efficient plan, incorporating both personal and corporate interests.

All-inclusive services

Legal and tax is only one of many constituents that are part of strategic transition. That is why we offer a wide range of other management and administration services, allowing us to ensure integrated and sustainable transformation.

Our goal is to find solutions that work best for both the business and its owner.
As a result, our decisions often go beyond the jurisdiction of one country and cover both business law and asset management, as well as other areas.
Gediminas Laucius
Managing Partner, Legal & Tax Services

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