Risk management is a structured approach to managing uncertainty by assessing risks, developing strategies to manage them, and mitigating their impact. The Bank of Lithuania emphasizes that financial market participants shall ensure a constant and continuous process of risk management within their operations. One risk management tool is operational audit of an organisation – an annual check of whether all is in order in the organisation. By performing an operational audit, we can help identify your organisation’s risks and manage or mitigate them, thus ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Another important measure for managing risk in financial market participant‘s activities is introducing the internal audit function. We can help you set up the internal audit function or assume responsibility for it.

Compliance and Post-Licensing Services

Operational Audit of Financial Market Participants:

  • Assessment of the Financial Market Participant‘s strategic management
  • Assessment of the Financial Market Participant‘s business functions under applicable legal acts
  • Assessment of the Financial Market Participant‘s internal control system
  • Help with creating processes and internal control to optimise operations and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements

Financial Market Participant‘s Internal Audit:

  • Help with introducing the internal control function to ensure compliance with external requirements
  • Internal audit outsourcing under requirements of the Bank of Lithuania

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