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Services for Crypto / Virtual Asset Investors:
— Developing tax effective ownership structures
— Advising on the taxation of trading gains as well as income derived from staking, forging, lending, airdrops and etc.
— Designing plan for asset protection (via banking solutions, custody accounts, etc.)
— Revision and consultations on crypto / virtual assets related agreements (e.g. brokerage agreements, escrow and etc.)
— Liaising in communicating and timely reporting with supervisory authorities (Financial Crime Investigation Service, Tax Inspectorate, etc.)
— Drafting agreements on crypto / virtual assets transfers to third parties or personal heirs
— Liaising with commercial banks & financial institutions in providing firm evidence for VASP income (drafting responses, negotiations, etc.)
— Accounting solutions to support and calculate income generated from virtual assets trades
— Thorough legal opinions in advising in reliability of specific crypto / virtual assets investment project (i.e. depicting red flags & risks of specific crypto / virtual assets project, guiding to avoid investing in “scam” crypto / virtual assets projects etc.)

Services for VASP (virtual assets service provider) Managers:

  • Assistance in choosing the best jurisdictions to incorporate crypto (virtual assets) management operations
    Assistance in choosing & structuring regulatory efficient project by building firm organizational structure, which meets regulatory requirements (e.g. fulfilling requirements for Members of the Board, CEO, etc.)
  • Tax and accounting advisory service, structuring project financial flows in tax efficient manner
  • Legal assistance with Licensing / Authorization in regards to crypto / VASP Managers
  • Website compliance with regulatory requirements (Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and etc.)
  • Developing firm cryptocurrency focused fund structures (preparation of fund units offering material, drafting key investor information document, fund rules, risk management policy and etc.)
  • Preparation of KYC / AML documents to ensure fluent investors‘ onboarding & transaction monitoring processes
  • Drafting and negotiating commercial agreements (investment contracts, custody account agreements, etc.)
  • Assistance in communication with and reporting to supervisory authorities (Central Banks, Tax Inspectorate, etc.)
  • Guiding Crypto / VASP Managers in compliance under EU regulation: MiCA Regulation, DLT pilot regime, MiFID, etc.
  • Support and guidance to use regulator sandbox to test crypto / virtual assets business innovations in live environment
  • Regular ongoing support on daily regulatory topics (AML, KYC, Regulatory compliance, GDPR etc.)
  • Investors‘ complaint handling, dispute resolution and negotiations
  • Accounting services for crypto / virtual assets investments


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Cryptoassets Solutions

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