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Noewe Legal

The Noewe Legal team of certified data protection specialists (CIPP/E) provide legal advice to Lithuanian and international clients on all data security and privacy matters.

We assist clients with consistent end-to-end implementation of data protection principles within their organisations.

In addition, we provide legal assistance with one-off matters and the implementation of specific projects.

As technology continues to develop at a dizzying speed, businesses discover more and more ways of using data (including personal data), which are immediately followed by new regulations, interpretations provided by competent authorities, court decisions, etc. The PRIMUS team is delighted at the opportunity to contribute to our clients’ projects and ensure their compliance with the constantly evolving data protection requirements, including GDPR.

Data protection issues are highly relevant, and clients are forced to consider them with nearly every project. For this reason, our data protection specialists cooperate with and participate in the activities of their colleagues in other departments (real estate, financial, labour law, and other projects), ensuring their compliance with data protection requirements.

Legal services:

  • implementing data protection audits;
  • assistance with data mapping;
  • data protection impact assessments;
  • drafting of internal data protection documentation (data processing rules/policies, data processing logs, rules on the implementation of the rights of data subjects, established procedures for responding to data security breaches, and other documents);
  • assessment of websites (including e-commerce stores) in terms of compliance with data protection regulations, and drafting related documents (e.g., privacy policies);
  • compliance issues related to the processing of the personal data of employees and candidates;
  • drafting privacy notices and consent forms for different projects, applications, and decisions;
  • assistance with the official registration of relationships (contracts) with service providers (data recipients, data processors) and other data processing subjects;
  • legal advice to enterprise groups on intra-group data sharing;
  • data protection training for staff;
  • representing clients at regulatory authorities (including the State Data Protection Inspectorate) and courts.
Noewe Legal
Major projects
  • Helped a wholesaler of health and beauty products to implement GDPR requirements at the organisation, covering everything from initial data mapping and verification of data processing compliance to documentation and staff training.
  • Our team is providing legal services to an IT company, which includes ensuring the compliance of an IT product in development with data protection requirements, drafting standard data processing conditions for product users, and taking part in negotiations with product users regarding special contractual clauses.
  • Providing legal services to an IT services group in properly implementing GDPR requirements at the group level.
  • Provided a startup operating in the healthcare services industry with advice on its native platform and the compliance of processing special category (health-related) personal data, and drafted the essential related documentation for the platform itself and for internal company use.

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