EU, Competition Law & State Aid

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We have implemented many successful solutions in complex EU, competition law and state aid matters.

Our team consists of competition law professionals with solid experience dealing with national and EU institutions and representing a wide variety of clients. Deep knowledge of EU law and good practices helps us find optimal solutions even in highly complex situations. Thorough advice on matters of EU law together with competition audit can be the first step to finding an ideal solution or defining a strategy for your activities.

Our specialists’ advice on agreements that restrict competition and their analysis of abuses of dominant position help companies protect their interests and achieve significant changes in the business environment in their specific field of activity.

Count on our team of experienced lawyers for an assessment of your legal compliance involving a wide range of services such as legal compliance screening, audits, training, and review of standard contracts.

Timely advice on state aid issues has enabled many clients to choose effective approaches for the implementation of local and international projects.

Merger control

Restrictive agreements

Abuse of dominant position

Preparation of internal documentation

Legal compliance assessment (legal compliance assessment programmes, audits, programmes, standard contract review)

Regulation (liberalization, licensing, network access and price control)

Cooperation with national and EU authorities, representation therein and at courts

Dawn raids

State aid

Public Procurement

EU legislations

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