Our team can assist individuals and legal entities with opening of bank accounts at banks in foreign countries. Professionals with years of experience in this area can help our clients choose the most suitable country and a bank which meets the needs of the clients the most as well as assist with all the questions related to bank account opening in a swift and effective manner.

Having an extensive selection of banks, we can offer our clients banks in various countries within the European economic area and outside of it, e. g. Luxembourg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates and other.

These banks can provide our clients not only with the regular services of bank account opening and safekeeping of the monetary funds within these accounts but also with other services as per the needs of our clients, i. e. management of investment portfolios, investment advisory, establishment and management of investment funds, acquisition, custody and sale of physical investment gold and other services. Specific banks may also provide the necessary tools that family offices and investment management companies require to be able to provide investment management services to their clients, i. e. access to securities trading platforms, ability to purchase and sell securities in different stock exchanges, etc.

Advice on the choice of a foreign bank suitable for the needs of the clients

Assistance with opening foreign bank accounts to the clients

Active relationship management and arranging financial transactions in foreign banks on behalf of the clients

International Tax Planning and Asset Management

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