Public Procurement

Noewe Legal

Legal services and advice to contracting authorities:

  • preparation of procurement documents;
  • negotiations with suppliers;
  • other procurement procedures, representation in court.

We provide legal assistance to suppliers with the preparation of applications and proposals in local and international procurement bids.

Noewe Legal
Major projects
  • Legal assistance to one of leading grain processors in Baltic’s in public procurement bids financed by EU funds, advice on the execution of concluded public procurement contracts.
  • Legal assistance to Estonian queue management service provider with major public procurement bids for the installation services of the state’s IT infrastructure, advice on the execution of concluded public procurement contracts.
  • Advice to Polish electricity transmission system operator and legal assistance with organising a public procurement bid of international significance concerning a major project to synchronise the electrical grids of the Baltic States and continental Europe.
  • Representation of a subsidiary of the largest electricity generation and trading group in the Baltic States and advice in a court case related to the implementation of a contract for installation of lighting systems concluded by way of public procurement.
  • Assistance to one of Poland’s largest construction companies with the participation in a public procurement bid of national significance concerning the development of transport network infrastructure in Europe.
  • Legal services to State Enterprise Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant in the fields of construction, real estate and environmental law, as well as public procurement and corporate law.
  • Advice to one of the largest construction groups operating in Poland on the applicable requirements to the client intending to participate in a public procurement bid related to nuclear energy.
  • Legal advice to one of the largest power companies in Poland and assistance with participating in a public procurement of infrastructure works of national significance.

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