Regulatory, Licencing & Compliance

Noewe Legal

Our team provides regulated market participants (financial institutions, insurance companies, natural science, energy, and trucking companies, etc.) and other enterprises with legal advice on, and legal assistance with, matters related to regulatory compliance.

The NOEWE LEGAL team is made strong by:

  • a wide range of competencies and legal expertise in regulatory compliance-related areas;
  • many years of experience and knowledge of business processes and specifics.

We are committed to providing each client with a positive experience and comprehensive legal assistance. Our regulated market and service industry know-how ensures top quality legal services and allows us to identify the optimal tactics for each client.

Legal services:

  • development and implementation of regulatory compliance programmes, as well as monitoring and supervision of related matters;
  • drafting of codes of conduct and internal company procedures and policies;
  • setting up of in-house whistleblowing systems;
  • corporate internal investigations;
  • regulatory compliance training;
  • legal advice on other regulatory compliance-related matters (competition law, data protection issues, etc.) and assistance with tackling white-collar crimes;
  • legal advice to managers, heads of compliance, and compliance officers on all compliance-related matters;
  • legal advice on entering into employment relations with non-EU nationals and obtaining the temporary residence permits, work permits, and visas they require;
  • legal advice on all other compliance-related matters concerning specific regulated industries, including consumer rights issues.
Noewe Legal
Major projects
  • We are providing legal advice to one of the biggest independent energy suppliers in the Baltics on all matters related to compliance in the energy sector, including the drafting and coordination of contracts with consumers, and the legal analysis of other obligations applicable to energy companies.
  • We provide on-going legal advice and services to a retailer of sports and leisure goods operating in Lithuania that owns an e-shop and several brick-and-mortar shops. Our services concern the enforcement of consumer rights and the implementation of product labelling, personal data, and OMNIBUS requirements within the company.
  • We provide legal advice to a licensed management company on drafting a whistleblower protection policy and implementing whistleblower protection requirements.

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