NOEWE Sustainability

In our activities, we are guided by the priorities identified in the ESG policy (Environmental Protection, Social Responsibility and Good Governance Policy) approved by NOEWE.

Attention to customers

  • Working for clients is the essence of our organization, thats why we are constantly looking for the best and most innovative solutions for them.

Continuous business growth and employee development

  • We are interested in development and introduction of new products or services to the market, we invest in the education, qualification, emotional and physical well-being of our employees.

Leadership and creating value for communities

  • We dedicate a part of our income to the welfare of society, and we also willingly share our knowledge and experience.

Business ethics and performance quality

  • We comply with the requirements of the law, the principles of transparent and ethical behavior.


  • We strive for the latest solutions both for our customers and for our organization’s internal processes.

More about our ESG policy

Environmental protection
Social responsibility
  • we are “paperless” (we use an electronic document management system)
  • we encourage employees to walk more
  • we provide employees with electric scooters for short trips
  • we installed electric charging stations for cars and scooters
  • we replace unnecessary business trips with virtual meetings
  • we educate employees and customers on the topics of environmental protection and sustainability
  • we use glasses canteens for water (we do not drink water from plastic bottles)
  • we form habits for employees to sort waste responsibly
  • we apply transparent and ethical business practices
  • we foster transparent and efficient leadership and management processes
  • we include independent board members
  • we apply a strong risk control procedure (“Know Your Client”)
  • we are guided by full respect and compliance with the law
  • we constantly monitor customer satisfaction indicators
  • we apply cyber security and data protection measures
  • we follow the code of conduct and ethics of employees
  • we invest in our employees and encourage continuous improvement of competence
  • we follow fair wage practices
  • we ensure the protection of human rights, non-discrimination and employee diversity and involvement
  • we encourage employee involvement in volunteering projects
  • we take care of employees’ physical and emotional health (Wellness program)
  • we constantly monitor employee engagement and satisfaction indicators
  • we implement a mentoring program for newcomers
  • we support an organizational culture of feedback
  • we actively participate in initiatives for nurturing and disseminating Lithuanian culture (established art fund Noewe Foundation),
  • we pay special attention to support projects (the Juozas Kavaliauskas Memorial Charitable Foundation was established with intention to draw public attention to the problems of children with oncological diseases, collect funds and help the little ones recover).

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