Digital Euro. Insights by European Central Bank, Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania & Noewe


Digital Euro: how it will or might affect you? This is one of the most anticipated presentations at the conference “Web3: Impact the Economy” this November. A representative of the European Central Bank, Mr. Panagiotis Papapaschalis, Senior Lead Legal Counsel at European Central Bank, shall talk about this in Vilnius, on November 9, 2023.

Meanwhile, sharing article by Lithuanian news portal 15min with insights by say Aušrinė Armonaitė, Minister of the Economy and Innovation, Panagiotis Papapaschalis, legal adviser to the ECB working on the “digital euro” project, and Gediminas Laucius, Legal & Tax Managing Partner at Noewe, Vice President of the Crypto Economy Organisation.

“The development of the digital economy is strongly influenced by advanced financial technologies and solutions. Innovative solutions are being developed not only by fintech companies, but also by central banks. A few years ago, the Bank of Lithuania issued the world’s first digital collector coin based on blockchain technology. Today, the European Central Bank is moving forward with the digital euro project, which will open up more opportunities for businesses and citizens,” says Aušrinė Armonaitė, Minister of the Economy and Innovation.

“The prevailing view is that the ECB can’t bankrupt, so if it issues digital euros, holders of those digital euros will not bear the risk of insolvency of private financial intermediaries. In other words, owning a digital euro will give you more protection than keeping your money in the bank,” explains Gediminas Laucius, Managing Partner of legal and tax services at Noewe, an integrated professional services company, and Vice President of the Crypto Economy Organisation, who is interested in such projects now being developed by various central banks. These projects are also known as CBDC (central bank digital currency).

An interesting read in Lithuanian is here.

The international conference WEB3 Summit, which debuted last year and was a huge success, continues its work in Vilnius. 

What can we expect from WEB3 in the next couple of years? We will look for answers to this question on November 9. Web3: Impact the Economy.

Date: 9 November, 2023
Place: Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO, Vilnius (Laisvės Ave. 5, Vilnius)
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