NOEWE shares impressions from the MOTIVATED@WORK 2024 conference


This year at the MOTIVATED@WORK 2024 conference we had two outstanding representatives from the Noewe Group who presented different areas and shared important messages.

Justinas Klimašauskas, a member of the NOEWE Group Board of Directors, actively participated in the discussion “HR Leadership Growth Incubator – Ways to move to a strategic HR level”. Later, we heard from Saulius Damulevičius, a climber and Associate Partner at NOEWE Group’s Business Management Consulting, who presented “Beyond the Peak”. Both representatives not only represented our values but also enriched the conference with their professionalism and knowledge.

Justinas Klimašauskas has been a member of the #NOEWE group since its establishment and is currently the Head of Corporate Governance and Administration Services. Justinas’ experience and expertise includes management, administration, consulting, business process outsourcing and organisational structure services.

Justinas Klimašauskas’ thoughts after the event:” A great event, broadening horizons and providing new perspectives. The number of participants clearly shows that the role of HR is crucial for every organisation. The topics and discussions at the event highlighted the importance of investing in human resources for the growth and success of an organisation. The enthusiasm and engagement of the participants proves that effective HR management not only contributes to better performance, but also encourages innovation and teamwork.”

Saulius Damulevičius, a mountaineer and Associate Partner at NOEWE Group’s Business Management Consulting, has been climbing mountains for more than 15 years and has been working in the field of financial and business consulting for the same amount of time. Saulius is the first Lithuanian to climb the planet’s giants – K2 (8611 m) and Gasherbrum 1 (8080 m). His list of sporting achievements also includes climbing unclimbed peaks and passes, skiing down a 7,500-metre mountain, skiing across the frozen Baltic Sea, and winning the titles of “Snow Tiger” and Lithuanian “Climber of the Year” (twice).

Saulius shares his thoughts: “In my professional work, I help clients with complex issues, spanning different organisational functions, industries and geographies. My goal is to help achieve significant and lasting operational change for business success in both the private and public sectors.”

This is a great example of how professionalism and insight can be valuable to a company’s clients.

Saulius Damulevičius shared more than 15 years of mountain climbing experience in his presentation. In his opinion, the same principles of project, team and risk management can be applied in the mountains, but extreme conditions and the high cost of mistakes make it necessary to analyse situations more deeply and to learn important lessons faster. Expeditions to the world’s highest and most difficult to reach peaks can therefore be seen as models that provide a different way of looking at key elements of how companies and organisations operate.

We are delighted that our colleagues are able to share their insights and experiences with a wider audience.

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