Noewe Legal: A Rare Decision in the Real Estate Case Was


The client contacted Noewe Legal’s Dispute Resolution Team when she was informed that she was unable to exercise her full right of ownership over a plot of land.

This situation arose because ½ of the land plot belonged to the client’s now deceased ex-spouse under the joint ownership of the parties, as the property had not been divided by the court at the time of finalizing their divorce.

Noewe Legal’s Dispute Resolution team, representing the client, initiated legal proceedings for the establishment of a fact of legal significance – the right of ownership. In the civil case the client requested to declare that the she had acquired by prescription the right of ownership to ½ of a plot of land (owned by her deceased former spouse).

In cases of this type, proving the relevant facts tends to be very complex. Therefore, in Lithuanian courts, the practice of granting such a claim – that a person has acquired ownership of immovable property by prescription is extremely rare. However, attorney-at-law Jonas Platelis and assistant attorney-at-law Emilija Žitkauskaitė of Noewe Legal’s Dispute Resolution Group successfully ensured the client’s interests in the case and proved that all the necessary conditions for the client’s claim exist.

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