The Day of World Lithuanians and National Minorities


On the Day of World Lithuanians and National Minorities of Lithuania “Let’s Unite Lithuania,” we participated in Vilnius Town Hall Square together with the Lithuanian communities of Greece and Cyprus. We are pleased to have had the opportunity to contribute to the implementation of pavilion ideas. Our branch in Cyprus, “Noewe Cyprus Ltd.” and its director Gediminas Burba are part of a small but strong community.

Everyone in Lithuania meets at the Lithuanian Song Celebration: the regions, the people of various nationalities living here, and the Lithuanians from all over the world. This meeting is an essential part of the Song Celebration. People discovering each other through songs and dances make up today’s Lithuania.

The Day of World Lithuanians and National Minorities held in Vilnius Town Hall Square further brought people together. Pavilions operated all day in the square, where communities, in collaboration with artists from their countries, presented the most impressive projects, prominent Lithuanians from around the world, and their achievements that excellently represent Lithuania abroad. Visitors could attend workshops and open gastronomic tastings, as well as performances by ensembles of world Lithuanians and national minorities.

By participating in this celebration, we were able not only to present the culture of Greece and Cyprus Lithuanians but also to establish new connections and strengthen the sense of community. At our stand, visitors could not only taste authentic Greek and Cypriot delicacies but also test their knowledge about these countries in a quiz, dance the traditional Greek dance sirtaki, contribute to a shared painting of the Mediterranean Sea, and participate in a charity lottery. The funds raised were donated to the charity fund “Not about me” which provides support to those in need.

Participation in this event gave us the opportunity not only to represent our countries but also to contribute to the overall cultural life of Lithuania, promoting intercultural dialogue and cooperation.

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