We concluded our WALK15 challenge with a bang – #NoeweStepOdyssey!


During this challenge, we not only achieved but exceeded our fantastic goal. 

A huge thank you to everyone who made this challenge unique!

We aimed to collect 25,000,000 steps and exceeded this target, reaching 27,806,915 steps!

Thanks to the #Noewe team’s involvement, our virtual forest grew by 99,310 trees. By choosing to walk, we together saved the environment more than 3.5 tons of CO2 emissions.

Special congratulations to our champions “Happy Wanderers,” who together collected 4,021,621 steps and planted 14,363 virtual trees!

/ Jovita Dziuveniene
/ Vaida Juškaitė
/ Valentina Bakūnienė
/ Justinas Klimasauskas
/ Vytautas Vičius
/ Karolina Šimkutė
/ Milda Dvareckytė
/ Monika Zavackaite
/ Guoda Sutkutė

Special congratulations also to our biggest walkers:

/ Jovita Dziuveniene
/ Povilas Vedeckis
/ Nedas Cibulskas
/ Mantas Pitkauskas
/ Monika Smulkyte
/ Greta Spranginaitė
/ Aistė Armanavičiūtė
/ Miglė Stadalnykaitė
/ Agnė Šiožinytė

Thank you for your great leadership and enthusiasm!

Thanks go to the creative photographers/opinion formers:

Inga Naujokė, Giedrė Cicėnė, Gabrielė Gumbytė, who captured and shared inspiring moments throughout the challenge!

Gifts are on their way to our winners in Kaunas and Klaipėda!

We thank everyone who joined this challenge and helped make it not only successful but also full of joy and inspiration.

Special thanks to Neringa Jankevičiūtė for organizing this event!

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