What to Be in 2022?


What are the first words that come to your mind when you hear the profession “lawyer”?

Documents, suits, mantles, work, work, work?

Or maybe: snowboarding, cycling, running, galleries, books, travel, mother, motivator?

It’s all about Managing Partner in Lithuania Ernesta Žiogienė. A professional in her field, who denies the stereotypes of the image of a lawyer. Every day, with enthusiasm and a smile, she fits business, family and hobbies into the day.

Not everything goes with a song like in the famous Ally McBeal series. Consistency and work-life balance are essential.

“For every young person I wish the courage to pursue his dreams (his dream profession). Be your own hero, wherever life takes you.” – Ernesta shares her inspiration.

Thoughts on the choice of a legal profession and everyday work as a lawyer in an interview in a magazine “Kuo būti 2022”.

“Kuo būti” magazine helps to choose a profession by publishing motivating stories.

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