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Finance & Accounting

We successfully provide payroll accounting services to a number of companies of various sizes and legal forms. Currently, we are handling payroll for over 1,500 employees on a monthly basis. We pay close attention to all accounting peculiarities and needs of every company. Our extended team of professionals in different areas has rich experience in all basic payroll accounting systems. We work with various document management and payroll systems, offering our available ERP system as required, which allows us to digitalize all payroll documents and create personalized self-service portal for employees.

Looking for a proper payroll accounting and personnel document administration service? Experts from our accounting division have the right skills, know-how and cutting-edge technological solutions at their disposal to alleviate your company’s burdens and ensure compliance with legal acts. We provide our services in the manner most appropriate for our clients – both remotely and on-site.

By choosing NORDGAIN, NOEWE group, you choose a reliable payroll accounting partner with sufficient expertise, who understands the importance of timeliness and cost-efficiency and tends to your business needs. We guarantee full confidentiality of payroll information.

Payroll accounting

  • Employment and dismissal procedures
  • Digitalized personnel document management solutions
  • Automated payroll solutions
  • Working time registration
  • Temporary employment


Aggregate payroll accounting

  • Automated aggregate payroll solutions
  • Summary recording of working time for companies of different sizes and specializations
  • ERP solutions for summary recording of working time
  • Summary working time reports
  • Consultations on summary recording of working time


Personnel management solutions

  • Remuneration policy
  • Wage tax and other related fees
  • Accounting of employee benefits
  • Accounting and costs of business trips
  • Electronic personnel documents in document management systems
Finance & Accounting

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