Corporate Governance

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Based in several countries, our team can open the door for your new development opportunities. Whether it is on geographical expansion, business relocation, or organising smart new management structures for new markets, working together to find solutions is never a challenge of us, 
even if we are not sat in the same room together.


We do everything to protect your interests. So, it makes sense that we strive to understand these interests well. This allows us to design risk management solutions tailored to your specific needs.


Our company offers a wide range of services, and our team possesses extensive expertise and strategic competences. This means we can offer one-stop-shop solutions for you.

Sometimes the best decision is to entrust the administration of your company to others.
Especially if you can't be physically in the country where the company operates, be it Lithuania, Cyprus or elsewhere. We act quickly and treat each situation individually.
Justinas Klimašauskas
Board Member, Corporate Governance Services Director

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