News from the LEA GLOBAL European Regional Conference.


“The LEA GLOBAL European Regional Conference took place in Prague on 17 April with more than 120 participants including members, speakers and partners. All members of the profession came together to update their knowledge, learn about innovations in the field and how to improve standards in the field. The conference was packed with insightful sessions aimed at inspiring innovation and driving positive change in the accounting profession.

“LEA Global believes in fostering collaboration between the world’s best accounting and consulting firms. By bringing together individuals with different backgrounds and expertise, we aim to meet today’s challenges and seize tomorrow’s opportunities. Our mission is to build mutual trust leading to better partnerships, opportunities and potential.

We are pleased to announce that Agnė Jasinskaitė, Director of Nordgain, attended the event together with her colleagues Ernestas Švoba,Senior Account Manager of Nordgain, and Justinas Klimašauskas, Director of Corporate Governance Services at Noewe. Their combined expertise and insights are invaluable for exploring this area and driving innovation within the Noewe Group.

Agnė shared her thoughts: “We are delighted to be part of the Leading Edge Alliance, which is consistently ranked among the top five associations worldwide. This year’s European conference took place in Prague, Czech Republic, and focused on artificial intelligence and the future of accounting. Many companies are facing similar challenges, such as attracting the best talent and adopting AI/RPA technologies.”

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