Financial Management Services

Finance & Accounting

The team of accounting professionals at NORDGAIN, NOEWE group, performs the financial analysis of the entire company, its separate operations or divisions, and uses to form conclusions and recommendations allowing to optimize development and achieve set targets.

Financial management is a particularly important control tool facilitating a clear overview of the objective, consistent and multifaceted result of the company activities.

Finance & Accounting
Main objectives of financial management:
  • To determine the status of compliance with all legal requirements;
  • To identify factors posing a threat to company activities and provide recommendations on efficient risk management;
  • To create or verify existing management reports;
  • To assess the functioning of the company’s internal control system model and provide recommendations on its improvement;
  • To evaluate the implementation of the company’s operating plans in terms of cost-efficiency, effectiveness, and performance;
  • To analyse the company’s management mechanisms and suggest improvements;
  • To determine the level of commitment to the set targets and present recommendations on how to establish the culture of high operating results inside the company and comply with business ethics requirements;
  • If required, to provide internal audit services;
  • Preparation of financial management reports;
  • Cost reduction through optimization of business processes;
  • Budget management;
  • Due diligence;
  • Analysis of the company’s financial performance indicators;
  • Consultations on working capital management;
  • Consultations on corporate acquisitions, mergers, and reorganization/separation.

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